Requests – Open Slots

Requests – Open Slots

If anyone is interested I also do texture and 3D models requests, although you need to be a patron on my Patreon Page to be able to request anything.

Lowpoly 3D models slots(*):
2/2 Free

Textures slots:
5/5 Free

These are the available slots for this month. I’ll be posting slot updates as the month passes and my availability changes.

(*)Subject to approval, depends on the complexity of the models.

On the other hand if you guys need some particular kind of texture here in the blog just leave a comment.

Thank you again for your support.



  1. Cyber Parrot

    I would like to request a texture , I could use a simple 1024×1024 rock texture with a very contrasting normal map.
    If you dont want to (or have one and I missed it) let me know please.


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