Texture requests

If anyone is interested I also do texture and 3D models requests.

Bear in mind that these requests depend on my availability.

Lowpoly 3D models slots(*):
2/2 Free

Textures slots:
5/5 Free

These are the available slots for this month. I’ll be posting slot updates as the month passes and my availability changes.

(*)Subject to approval, depends on the complexity of the models.

On the other hand if you guys need some particular kind of texture here in the blog just leave a comment.

Thank you again for your support.



  1. Karl

    Hi, you can do some “sommerly wildflower medow”, like some gras with small flowers and wild herbs.
    4k would be perfect, 2k ist enough.


    • Hi Karl. Take a look on the last texture. Since the textures are basically 2D planes, these kind of textures are tricky to make and have a decent look.


  2. Ruaridh

    You make some absolutely amazing textures, and I love the range of metals you have available. However could you take a look at doing some engraved steel/silver? and maybe a gold texture?


    • Hi there… Unless the glass you want have some engravings you don’t need a texture for glass. What I can provide is some Gloss/roughness maps for the imperfections of glass (fingerprints, dust specs, smudges…)


  3. Kye

    Hello! I am working on my first big project! I have a model id like to apply a darkened brushed chrome in a thin concentric ring pattern and one straight across. Thank you very much for your time and talents. 😀


  4. Mohamed Tarek

    Can you make a material for gypsum tiles ceiling and metal perforated ceiling ? and If yes ,when It will be available ?


  5. Rogi5791

    Chrome texture would be a very important asset. There are no good chrome 3d textures out there. I would buy you another coffee :). Generally these are very good textures here. Thank you for your work.


    • If you’re looking for a pristine chrome texture you only need a gray map for color and a all white map for metalness. But if you’re looking for a somewhat dirty or with small specs of dust or dirt I can try.


  6. Brett

    A cast iron texture would be awesome. Something similar to the rough surface you would see on a car engine block.


  7. Anonymous

    Hey, Katsukagi! I was wondering if you had the time to make a rough and smooth sandstone texture. It’s essentially just a sandstone texture, but with a metal map to make some parts look really smooth and shiny. I’ve provided a (bad) photo below of what this might look like – in the top-right corner, you can see the “wetness” coming through. (photo: https://imgur.com/4SKpulk)


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