Texture requests

If anyone is interested I also do texture and 3D models requests.

Bear in mind that these requests depend on my availability.

Lowpoly 3D models slots(*):
2/2 Free

Textures slots:
5/5 Free

These are the available slots for this month. I’ll be posting slot updates as the month passes and my availability changes.

(*)Subject to approval, depends on the complexity of the models.

On the other hand if you guys need some particular kind of texture here in the blog just leave a comment.

Thank you again for your support.



  1. Karl

    Hi, you can do some “sommerly wildflower medow”, like some gras with small flowers and wild herbs.
    4k would be perfect, 2k ist enough.


    • Hi Karl. Take a look on the last texture. Since the textures are basically 2D planes, these kind of textures are tricky to make and have a decent look.


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