Ball of leaves – Blend File

Free 3D model, Blend file with leaf texture and diffuse, normal, specular and occlusion maps


Studies for upcoming pack

Hello guys, After a while I finally had some time to post here. This time is a bunch of studies I made for an upcoming texture pack, it'll Volume 2 of my texture pack. In the next image you can see the difference between my old node setup for my textures and the new one.... Continue Reading →

Update and Texture example

Hi folks. It's been a while since I've posted textures but the fact is that I have so much work that something has to stay behind. Keep peeking in here, I have a lot new textures to add but don't have time to prepare them, I will do so when I have some spare time.... Continue Reading →

Guitar – Texturing example

Howdy. It's been a while since I posted something but I really didn't had the time. Today I'm posting another scene I made using one of my wood textures that is in my Texture Pack. Gotta find some time to post some more textures in here. Until then, enjoy the ones that are already here.... Continue Reading →

Update :)

Howdy folks. It's been a while since I've make a post but I did not forget about the blog nor my textures ended. 🙂 It's just that I have so much work to do that I don't have enough time to work the textures and then render them and then post them. In the meanwhile... Continue Reading →

Texturing Example from Nicolas Fenix

Howdy my fellow readers. Today I'm leaving a tweet from Nicolas Fenix. He makes awesome videos and animations in Blender and used my textures in two of his animations. This is his last one. Awesome. Go check him! Hi ! Here's a recent work with #b3d ! (with some sounds and music as usual). Hope... Continue Reading →

Texturing fun

I've been posting textures but not examples of what you can do with them. Here's the first example using textures from my 100 Seamless Texture Pack. Colt 1911 model from and textured in 3D Coat. The textures I used were the following (plus their maps): I hope you like it and if you're interested in my... Continue Reading →

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