100 Sci-Fi PBR 4K Textures Pack

Quick note

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What do you get?

This pack contains, like the tittle says, 100 different Sci-fi 4K textures with PBR maps, which include Color, Normal, Roughness, Displacement and Ambient Occlusion.

There’s a Blender file with all the textures setup on the Asset Browser and you can just drag and drop the materials into the meshes. Bear in mind that you need proper UV unwrapped meshes for the textures to look good. You’ll also need enough geometry in the meshes for the displacement to work.

A version with the SBSAR files is available. These files are opened with Substance Player and you can customize the textures and their resolution and generate new variations that you can then export to up to 8K. This allows you to create an infinite amount of texture variations.

100 Sci-Fi PBR 4K Textures is a digital product designed for artists, game developers, and VFX professionals who want to create believable and compelling sci-fi environments. The textures in this collection are based on physically-based rendering techniques, giving them a realistic and photorealistic look. With 4K resolution, the textures are of high quality, providing exceptional detail and clarity for your projects.

The product offers a wide range of textures, including metal, concrete, glass, and more, so you can have the flexibility to create a variety of futuristic elements. Whether you’re creating a sci-fi game, architectural visualization, or a VFX sequence, 100 Sci-Fi PBR 4K Textures provides a useful resource for taking your projects to the next level.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of sci-fi textures, consider 100 Sci-Fi PBR 4K Textures. With its high-quality textures and versatile range, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.


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