Lava 002

Lava 002

Seamless texture, 2048 x 2048, with the following maps:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Displacement
  • Specularity
  • Ambient Occlusion


As always it’s a free texture, you can do whatever you want with it. Just don’t be a prick a tell it’s yours.

If you like my work and you find it good enough to use on your work, consider giving me a small tip using the right menu and in return I’ll provide you a link to the folder where I have all my textures and you can download them all with a single click.

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  1. Invertex

    Hey, not sure what method you’re using to generate your textures, but it’s not correct. Your displacement map for example isn’t a displacement map, it looks like a bump map but with a light direction baked into it with bright white on one edge of the raised surface and black on the other edge, that’s not how a displacement map works. Same goes for the occlusion and spec maps, they seem to have a light direction baked into them, that is not what you want for rendering.

    • Hey man. You’re absolutely right. This was one of the first textures I made, back in 2016. I was still learning about them. Most of my first textures were approximated from bitmaps and those artifacts were some byproduct that I didn’t knew how to get rid of them.

      Fast forward a bit and you can see that my textures now don’t have that “problem”. Most of all are now generated fully in Substance Designer.

      Thank you for the input.



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