Offer me a Ko-fi

Hi guys.

I create a page on Ko-fi so that you guys can have the choice to support me and my projects.

So, if you want to help me and support me buy me a Ko-fi and I’ll continue creating textures and 3D models and some photogrammetry assets (as soon as I have a decent lens).

Anyone who supports me will be given links to where I keep all my textures and 3D Models and can download them with just one click.


Supporters who give 4 or more coffees will be given the links to all of my textures and 3D Models AND a free copy of my premium Texture Pack – Volume 1 as seen here:

The link to the Texture Pack will be given through the paypal email.


Supporters who give 10 or more coffees will have access of my 4K Textures folder (and all the other textures and 3D Models). The link will be valid forever, i.e., you’ll have access to previous textures and future textures.

This link will be given via Paypal email.


Thank you for your support and keep creating awesome art!



  1. Hi Katsukagi! I just bought you a coffee… but I was confused and didn’t sign up for a Ko-fi account first. So, it just shows up as ‘Somebody’ bought you a coffee…

    It’s me, I swear! Is it still possible to get a download link to your textures / 3D models?



    • Hi Jason. Thank you for your support. I know it was you. 🙂 Didn’t you receive an auto reply from Ko-Fi with the links? Can I send the links to your paypal email?


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