Patreon Page

Hi guys.

So I’ve created a Patreon page. It’s another way that I thought for supporting my work with textures and lowpoly 3D models/assets.

Now you can choose between Patreon and Ko-fi to support me. But there are a few differences between the two sites:

  • With Ko-fi you buy me a coffee and in appreciation for your support I provide a link to my textures folder and you can easily download them all.
  • With Patreon there are 4 tiers and each tier gives you different levels of appreciation from me:
    • Tier 1 – Supporter
      • Since the first goal was achieved, Tier 1 and Tier 2 now have the same rewards.
      • Discord Channel, available to public:
    • Tier 2 – Super Supporter
      • Link to my textures and 3D Models Google Drive folders where I keep all the textures I have in and all the 3D Models I have in and you’ll be able to download them all with one click. You’ll have access to future textures and 3D Models.
      • Requests of textures and 3D models, according to my availability.
      • Access to a Trello board where you can suggest and give ideas to new textures and 3D models
    • Tier 3 – Hiper Supporter
      • Previous Tiers rewards.
      • Exclusive access to my high resolution textures (2K and 4K textures in uncompressed PNG format) + SBS and SBSAR files when available.
      • Requests of textures and 3D models, according to my availability.
    • Tier 4 – Mega Supporter
      • Previous Tiers rewards.
      • Access to my Texture Pack Volume 1 (100 seamless textures with diffuse, normal, occlusion, displacement, gloss/roughness and specular maps).
      • Access to my future Texture Packs (working on Volume 2 and Volume 3, also working on a Leaf Texture Pack with true normals).
      • Access to my photogrammetry models and tests.
      • Requests of textures and 3D models, according to my availability but this Tier have priority over the others.

Take care guys, keep doing great art and thank you for your support.


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