Moon Surface 001


Moon Surface 001 – Free seamless texture, 1024 x 1024, with the following maps:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Displacement
  • Specularity
  • Ambient Occlusion

For Patrons there’s a 4K resolution version of this texture.

As always it’s a free texture, you can do whatever you want with it. Just don’t be a prick a tell it’s yours.

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  1. Hello,

    Sorry, I am not an expert. Is this just an image with a “3d effect”? I am looking for an actual texture of the moon that could be 3D printed for a mold. Can you let me know if this file would work for such a purpose?

    • Hi Giovanni. Yes, this is a render in a 3d software, Blender. I can only tell you what to do in Blender, but other programs may do the same. In Blender you put the displacement map (the texture that gives the height) into a modifier and than bake that info into the mesh. You can then take that mesh (obj, fbx or stl file) into the 3d printer and it will print the relief/height. Don’t know if I can explain in other way.

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